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Michael AramGotham

The Gotham Collection celebrates the ancient metalworking technique of forging. Utilized for generations by master craftsmen, this skill can only be taught through diligent apprenticeship with their predecessors. The intricate patterns are achieved by slowly heating sheets of metal and hand hammering them with different levels of pressure, creating unexpected surfaces with a gently gothic and brooding feeling. This texture is then married with clean, streamlined shapes. The result is a completely unique collection with a distant nod to the handsome and decisive lines of the industrial period of the 1930ís. "I am intrigued by the striking, deep textures created through the hand forging process. In a way, they are evocative of the early 20th Century architecture seen in New York City in landmarks such as the Empire State and Chrysler buildings. Everything from the exterior to the elevator doors, radiator covers, and stairwells are reminiscent of that beautiful aesthetic and monumental moment in time. To me, the collection feels masculine but still universal."

Item Description Quanity Price
Michael Aram Gotham Serving Set 11" long, square shaped
Our Price: $110.00
Michael Aram Gotham Gotham Water Pitcher
Our Price: $280.00
Michael Aram Gotham Gotham Service Tray
Our Price: $325.00
Michael Aram Gotham Gotham Ice Bucket
Our Price: $295.00
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